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Have you ever wanted to create a brush to solve a specific image problem? Here's a description of the simple process. You can apply this technique to create a custom brush of nearly any shape in sizes up to 999 X 999 pixels. Since Winter's coming, we made a snowflake brush.

First, create a new grayscale document in a "workable" size; this image can be scaled smaller to suit your use, so starting with 150 pixels square or so is good for most brushes. You can render anything in this window and convert it to a brush - here is our loosely rendered snowflake image and an example of its use.

The custom brush renderingCustom brush example

Once you have a rendered image, all you need to do is "select all," go to the brushes palette pull-down menu and select "define brush." That's it.

For more than one size of brush, scale the image, select and define the brush again in as many sizes as you want. In your brush palette, you'll see a preview of your new brushes; in the case of larger brushes you will see only a partial preview, or depending on the shape, maybe an apparently blank window - tough to keep track of, but your brush is there. Once loaded, use them just like any other.

If you want to save new brushes as a special set, here's the procedure: (First, save your current brush set so you can reload it later.) Delete all of the brushes you don't want to include in you new set. Load (define) your new brushes into the palette. Save your newly loaded brush set with a unique name, such as "snowflake brushes." Last, delete the new brushes and reload your originals.


To download this tutorial (120k), Click here. You will receive a text file and a folder with the images.


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