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Garry Williams'  Model and Sculpted works Gallery
The Williams Studio

 Your creative source for carving, model making and sculpture.

 Samples of my three dimensional work, in a variety of media.

Click on an image to open a full size version in a new window....

 RELIEF CARVING                                                                                                                     

Examples of relief carvings in

three quarter inch synthetic marble...

Eagle maquette solid surface carving, by Garry K. WilliamsBush Plane bas relief carving in solid surface (Corian), by Garry K. Williams


Mounted in oak shadowboxes, complete with backlighting...

Yei Bichei, Monument Valley carving by GW


This one is painted with auto finish. The parking lights work,

and "chrome" is formed of sterling silver.

'53 Buick Skylark Bas relief art, by Garry K. Williams'53 Buick Skylark Detail of silverwork, by Garry K. Williams


 We can carve and sculpt in stone, wood, clay and metal too!


MODELS & PROTOTYPES                                                                                                         

Here's a model of Dr. Who's Tardis. Cast in

urethane resin, the light does pulse on and off.

A sound module is installed that replays a typical Tardis "takeoff"

whenever the model is picked up or put back down.

(The Downloads page offers this image in desktop format.)

Model of Dr. Who's Tardis


White house model for the 200th anniversary celebration.

Completely hand-built.

1 : 100 Scale (approximately 22" wide)



In honor of election year, here's a new page describing more about

the model, it's construction, and where it is now:

"Road to the White House, a different version"


1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Detail Views:

White House detailWhite House model portico, by Garry K. Williams



A functional prototype for Hoohobbers, developed

with their in-house design team.

This folding rocking horse won JPMA design

awards the year of introduction.

Rocking Horse prototype, by Garry K. Williams


On the left is a proof of concept model of our own design for a children's

nightlight/clock. The middle and right are production samples.

Clock concept model, by Garry K. WilliamsProduction Clock WhiteProduction Clock Primary


 What can we design or build for you? 

Lamp design by Garry Williams



 If you require model making, industrial design,

product styling, or other 3D work, please go to the Forms page

to request information.



 To report broken links, please Click here.


All content and images within this site (with the exception of

licensed characters held by their respective license owners) are 

©1986-2003 Garry K. Williams / The Williams Studio, Inc.


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