Garry Williams

"Illustration on Your Rolling Canvas"

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The Penthouse Tribute Bike

This build took Best of Show; Spectator Class

in its first appearance, at the Kansas City, MO. Easyriders Show.


penthouse bike airbrush

Penthouse bike airbrushpenthouse bike rv

penthouse bike airbrush

Penthouse bike rf


Here's the August, 2003 Biker Magazine cover:

biker/penthouse bike cover

Thanks to Biker and Paisano Publications for permission

to use the article. Photography artfully shot by Michael Farabaugh.

- Click to visit Michael's site -


Look for pics of the "Kama Sutra" radical custom, coming soon.

Here's a preview:

Combined with the work of Nick Kafantaris,

my work is only a part of this one. The tank sides are airbrushed with statues

from ancient India. The other side shows an eight armed potentate.


This is a snapshot from the Chicago Supercycle Show,

where the bike was judged Grand Champion.

kama sutra bike



Some other pics of my work.....

please visit my illustration galleries, too.


Here's a bit of a twist on a basic scallop...

Lightning scallop


A biomechanical skull...

biomechanical skullBiomechanical airbrush


This one's a sort of Hawkwind tribute bike. Shots are in-process.




A couple of painted aluminum panels...

lava and leatherburning elk airbrush


And a denim jacket.

wildlife denim





Who am I?

I've been an editorial and commercial airbrush illustrator for nearly 20 years with clients whose names you'll recognize. I've spent hundreds of hours learning to apply my illustrations to your
"rolling canvas."

During the last two decades I've also designed, prototyped and patented award winning products, built museum quality models, bent neon, worked with natural and synthetic materials, hot and cold casting, electroforming... the list goes on. What's the point? Years of experience in creative work that requires attention to detail; knowledge of aesthetics, proportion and visual flow, and knowing how to get the job done right, and on time.

I can translate your ideas into paint that isn't commonplace; with more detail and imagination - That's the goal for each and every job. Paint design should flow, should add style, should "stand proud in a crowd."

For a long, long time I've been airbrushing - learning and tweaking new techniques, making the airbrush an extension of my hand. If you look at my work on this page and in my Illustration Gallery, it will give you an idea of what can be painted - basically, anything you can imagine.

Airbrushing can be done on most surfaces, so...

I'll airbrush your bike,

I'll airbrush your helmet,

I'll airbrush your leather,

I'll airbrush your guitar,

I'll airbrush just about anything you can get to me.*

(*Excludes your kids, dog, mother in law)


Please sign my guestbook,


Where am I?


In the "Crossroads of America," northwest Indiana - just a few miles outside Chicago,

and one shipment away from you.


Out there.

To contact me: Garry's e-mail

or call (219) 989-0350